Touch-up Bags & Beauty Tips

Hi Lovely!

This post is a quickie but It has my favourite useful tips and tricks on what to pack in your clutch or handbag for the essential touch up bag to keep you looking perfect all night. Being confident in the mirror lends to a fun filled night. I must admit, there are times when I wish I was more organised before going out and had packed a few essentials so when I made the trip to the bathroom I could give myself a once over after a few drinks and a long night.

The aim of the game, Minimal time touching up and not end up looking like an unblended contouring tutorial by the end of your night.

So what are these pearls of wisdom you might ask?

  1. Ditch the powder, instead blot sweat and shine with blotting paper. Adding powder to sweat or oil is only going to make a paste which turns cakey and horrible in about 5 minutes. If you don’t have blotting paper, paper towel or cheap toilet paper works just fine too.
  2. Touch up with a Beauty Blender. I take out my beauty blender that I used for my concealer or foundation. Pop it in a little ziplock bag with foundation on it and you’ve got a preloaded touch up ready to go.
  3. Lips. The later you get into the evening or event, the easier you should go on your lips. Matte lipsticks dry out, red lips go smudgy and regrets are made. Start the night however you like, but have a softer option for touch ups. If I wear a bold lip, I might touch up once or twice while the sun is still out, but after a long night you can bet your cute butt I’ll be switching to a lip balm.

Want more? Easy Night out makeup tutorial

Last but certainly not least, don’t set yourself up for a fail. Go out, look hot, feel amazing. But don’t do your self the disservice of having to touch up all the time. If you spend most of your night in the bathroom, you really aren’t going out or having a good time. You’d be more comfortable (and probably cleaner… public bathroom nightmares!) in your Ugg boots and Tracky-dacks in your own bathroom. If it’s a hot night, I get it, shine and sweat are yuck, but chances are every other person is sweaty and shiny too. Don’t be a slave to your makeup. No one expects it and you should have to feel like you need to. Instead, do the prep work at home. Get a good primer, use setting sprays and treat your skin with respect so it doesn’t break out.

Aim for effortless once you go out, and only do what you absolutely must. Then head back out there, grab yourself a mojito and get grinding to some 90’s RnB before the sun comes up!

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