Need a break from foundation?

Hey Lovely,

Do you ever feel like you just can’t be bothered and you really need a break from foundation or maybe you just don’t want to rely on makeup everyday? But, I hear you, you’re too afraid/nervous/self conscious to leave the house foundation free? Me too. Its definitely something that takes courage, a few skills and some fresh looking skin to pull off. But if you’re ready to go a la natural√© then read on.

So many clients come to me whether its for their wedding day, or special event, even a makeup lesson and they say that they want their makeup to look natural. Like they aren’t wearing foundation and their skin is just perfect. Then they rattle off all the things they don’t like about their skin and want to cover. Which leads them to the question:

‘What foundation will do that?’

Unfortunately there isn’t one magic product that will cover all imperfections, look natural, make my pores disappear, cover redness, cover dark circles, still look natural, feel lightweight, hide spots, last all day, make us look more awake, all while looking natural and like we have nothing on. That is not going to happen. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Instead you’ll need specific targeted products for your different concerns to minimise how much you use, then blend it together seamlessly, set it, upkeep it all day and then come home and take it all off.


Lets work on getting you perfect glorious skin so you hit your skin goals without the Sephora shopping spree.

How to take a break from foundation:

The best thing you can do for your skin and the cheapest is to drink water and minimise sugar. Not as fun as a new shiny makeup product but it is the most practical and the easiest to do. Once you drink enough water you are flushing all those toxins and impurities out of your skin and out of your body. This will lead to more plump skin, better circulation to give you a glow, less break outs, and even better sleep (goodbye dark circles). Beauty really does come from within. Maybe its time to put down the coffee and pick up your closest water bottle. Start drinking, Girl!

After you are hydrated, your next step to having a break from foundation is good skin habits.

Things like taking your makeup off at night time can reduce so many break outs, wrinkles and even your overall health. Did you know that sleeping in your makeup makes your skin age 7 times faster? Think about that the next time you wake up with foundation on your pillow. Once you have removed your makeup its time to cleanse, treat and hydrate.

My three step rule.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Treat
  3. Hydrate
Makeup remover is not a cleanser so do that before you start.

Cleansing is all about taking the dirt and impurities off your skin and washing them away with a good quality skin-type-appropriate cleanser. Generally If you’re more on the oily side, bubbles are good. For the drier girls out there, a cream based cleanser can be a great place to start.

Treating your skin is about targeting something to boost it and help it get closer to your goals. This means if you are hoping to brighten your skin, look for a serum to increase vibrancy. Or if you are after anti-ageing, get yourself a wrinkle cream or serum asap. If you use a serum like I do, its most likely you’ll need to pop this on damp skin before you moisturise. Make sure you know what order they all go in before you use it.

Hydration is key. Cleansing away all your natural oils when you wash your face is great to get rid of any dirt, dust or bacteria that might be trapped in the oil but you need to replace it once your face is clean so make sure you’re using a good moisturiser so your skin can focus on healing rather than hydrating.

And while you are doing all this good for your skin, don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes and sponges! They contain so much bacteria (Eeek!) when they are dirty so don’t go putting that your beautiful clean skin. If you want to know how to clean your brushes, check out this tutorial. This is especially important if you are taking a break from foundation day to day as your brushes will get used less and bacteria has more time to grow.

Aside from this, if you aren’t quite at your skin goals its time to enlist the power and knowledge of a good beauty or skin therapist. Getting treatments such as micro-dermabrasion or skin needling can be great but it might not be what you need. Before you book in for the latest buzz-word facial treatment, ask for some guidance to get you on the right track.

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How do you find a great skin therapist?

It’s time to ask around. Chat to your friends, look online at reviews, see what products they recommend and go in to have a chat. Don’t just do what the insta tribe tells you because their skin will be different to yours, guaranteed.

These treatments can be expensive but wasting your money is worse. I would go into a treatment with the expectation that you will buy things to use at home and continue the treatment yourself daily. Otherwise it has been a nice pamper but the work ends when you walk out the salon doors. It really does make a difference if you follow up with targeted skincare at home so your facial or treatment can give you the best boost next time you visit.

Be sure to share not only your concerns but also your skin goals with your therapist. Let them know that you want to take a break from foundation and daily makeup, our that you want your skin to glow more. Whatever it is, make sure you communicate this to them.

My tip when visiting the salon or spa is to know what you use at home for your skincare. This way you can either show or tell the therapist exactly what you use and how you use it. Sometimes things you are doing at home may actually be harming your skin rather than helping, especially if they are too harsh or abrasive for your skin. Your therapist will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do or change to maintain your good skin habits at home.

Do you feel ready to take a Break from Foundation?

There is no better feeling than waking up and feeling good in your own skin. Sure, we will always find something we want to fix or change (like wishing I had bothered to shave my legs last night, Urrgh… so much effort). But if your face is clear of break outs and we start our day with a glow, then it really is easy to put down the bottle and have a break from foundation on a day to day basis.

But wait! I’m not there yet!

Or, if you want to take baby steps why don’t you consider using a tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation? I find for work this is my go-to makeup. Just a touch to have a bit more even skin tone and a tiny bit of a natural, chemical free concealer for where I have some old acne scarring that just won’t budge. I love using the Invisible Zinc tinted moisturiser, particularly in summer because it has a higher SPF than most others. Then I just top it up with RMS Beauty Uncoverup and it gives me the confidence boost I need, and I’m still looking good enough to face clients each day.

Have you tried any of these tips before?

Are you super reliant on your foundation for daily self confidence?

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