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The Australia Day long weekend has come to a close with some seriously warm weather and probably more than one unfortunate set of thong tans. But before we sign off and turn off the BBQ, I thought we could celebrate the Top Australian Beauty Brands to support our fellow Aussie Beauty Lovers.

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The best thing about supporting Australian brands is not only do we keep our jobs and opportunities down under, we also get to brag about them online, to our overseas friends and also its just way cooler. So here we go, my top picks of beauty brands owned right here in Australia.

Organic Skin and Body Care

I am always a lover of natural skincare and body care. Its a no brainer, if you can do good for your skin with less nasties, then why wouldn’t you? Sukin is probably the easiest to find as you can pick it up at most chemists, supermarkets and of course trusty Priceline.

I love using their Daily Face wash and the micellar water is fantastic. There isn’t much in this range I wouldn’t use. It’s affordable, Cruelty Free, contains no nasties and you can recycle the cute packaging. Win, Win.

Another great Organic Range is the Kora Brand. Owned by our own Aussie Bombshell Miranda Kerr and it even has a sleep range to help you catch your beauty Z’s. I love the lavender pillow spray to help me drift off and calm down at the end of the day.

Favourite Aussie Makeup Brushes

This one is a no brainer for me, its got to be Rae Morris Makeup Brushes. Literally anything you need. All made from a makeup artist’s perspective and ethically sourced materials mean you’re all set from the moment you pick up your first brush. I have loads of info on them here if you want to read some more.

Natural Makeup Brand

Natio is my go to Natural Beauty Brand when I think about an Australian Beauty Brand. When I worked at David Jones when I started doing makeup and the Natio Beauty stand would be full of testers and I’d be able to play with them while I killed time pretending I was cleaning. Little to my Boss’s knowledge I would usually make more mess and blame it on the kids who just walked past… Sorry Liz. But they had so many lipstick colours and their bronzer was really good too. Fast forward ten years and they are even better with ultra lux packaging.

Glam Australian Makeup Brand

Speaking of ten years ago, Napoleon Perdis was in his prime and had a great following, while he might not be as exclusive as he once was, he has expanded his range extensively. His cult favourite Camera Finish Powder is still going strong plus he has a range of serums, several foundations and a really good water proof mascara. Recently he added a range at Priceline but its different to his regular stores, so now you can find him there, at his own stores, Myer, salons, beauty stores, and online.

Best Aussie False Lashes

I’m sure the makeup lovers have seen these all over instagram but just incase you missed it, ModelROCK lashes are amazing. They are human hair, which I know sounds weird but it means they blend beautifully with your natural lashes and you can wash them, straighten them or recurl them with your heated lash curler just like your regular lashes. So they look great, and you get so many uses from them.

ModelROCK also makes a great range off beauty blenders. My favourite ones are the Olive Drop shape. They get right in every contour of your face and blend any makeup you have. I love to spray them with setting spray before applying foundation to help set your makeup from the inside out.

Self Tanning and Sun Care

You can’t talk about Australian Beauty Brands and not cover tanning. We live by the Sun but also have some of the worst UV ratings in the world thanks to the gaping hole in the O-Zone right above us. To truly cover the beauty Round up we need a winning fake tan and a Sunscreen to we don’t all Turn to ash.

My favourite Australian Beauty Brand for Tanning is a tie. I just couldn’t decide! My go to soft tan is the Bondi Sands ultra Dark (that I only leave on for an hour) and LeTan Uber Glow in the Ash Base. Both give a great even tan, and both come in a foam pump bottle for super smooth application.

The Bondi Sands Tan Remover is a life saver. I recently dropped spray tan solution on the floor while trying to clean my tanning gun after a client left and I looked like a white and tan leopard. It wasn’t pretty but the Bondi Sands Tan remover removed it all in two applications. Which was a huge surprise because the tan was a colour I’d liken to chocolate and I’m basically the same shade as most white walls.

Sunscreen go to from an Aussie brand would have to be Invisible Zinc. It covers everything you need and the 50+ Tinted moisturiser is so easy to use and lasts so well in the heat. I can remember trying this brand in high school and it was great then, now its even better.

Australian Hair Care Brand

I have two ultimate Cruelty Free Hair Care Brands. DeLorenzo and Bondi Boost. Delorenzo is an institution of Australian Hair Care and has an amazing range of products to suit literally every hair concern or wish. And Bondi Boost, while a newbie on the scene it has made a serious splash. The Miracle Growth Mask is ahhmazing!

Best Australian Beauty Innovator

You can’t go past Aussie Beauty without a serious nod to the Quick Flick Brands. The whole internet went nuts for this innovative eyeliner hack and then it even popped up on Shark Tank and went crazy all over again. Now stocked at another great Australian Beauty Brand, Priceline, you can pick up your own set of wings every day.

There are so many more amazing brands I could continue to list like Model Co, Alya Skin, and Ella Bache. And there are more and more popping up every day. I urge you to drop into your favourite beauty store and grab yourself some of these Australian Beauty Buys. Look for the little Bouncing Kangaroo logo to be sure you’re supporting the green and gold.

Happy Australia Day long weekend Lovelies!
I hope you had a blast

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