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I’m sure you’ve seen your Instagram and Facebook feeds regularly featuring Bondi Boost Hair Growth products and all the amazing #hairgoals along the way. Me too! As someone who dreams of mermaid hair and was sporting a pixie cut for almost three years I knew I would need some help to get there. Bondi Boost seemed like my Hairy Godmother so I gave it a whirl! 

Before we get into the product itself I thought I’d give you a bit of background so you could see what we were dealing with. My hair was super short, shaved at the back and scalp bleached all over. I blow dried it three to four times a week and used good quality haircare all prior to using Bondi Boost. So even though I tortured it with bleach it was pretty healthy hair. I used an Olaplaex treatment at home maybe twice per month and also a heat protector and leave in moisturiser when I would style it.

After a few years of having a short funky cropped hair style I decided to make a change and start growing it out. My short term goal was to get it long enough to be able to add a few extensions and make it a bob until it all becomes the same length and I can take the extensions out. From the reviews I had seen on the Bondi Boost socials I purchased the Hair Growth Bundle and took no time putting it to use.

In the bundle there was the Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner, the Elixir Oil, Intensive Spray, and the Growth Miracle Mask, which was $149.00 all together.


Bondi Boost Hair Growth Bundle Pack Review. Cruelty Free Beauty Blog


The Shampoo and Conditioner were both really nice in both smell and feeling on my scalp. They have Argan Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil to help cleanse the scalp and remove excess oil, moisturise deeply and help to repair split ends. Castor Oil is also in there which helps to prevent thinning and slow down the signs of ageing within your hair.

The Elixir Oil is used before you wash your hair as a pre-shampoo treatment. As well as all the above ingredients it also contains coconut oil to help seal and protect brittle hair (hello years of scalp bleaching! Yes please!), Coffee Extract and Walnut Oil for healthy hair growth, healing and rejuvenation through promoting oxygen flow.

The Growth Miracle mask is probably my favourite of the five bundle products I have tried. It contains Argan Oil, castor oil, macadamia oil, to hydrate and protect. As well as Wheat Protein to help strengthen hair without the use of animal products, and Jojoba Oil to stop it feeling heavy on your hair once you rinse it out.

The final product is the Daily Intensive Growth Spray, which I haven’t used that much. Its main ingredients are Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree and Rosemary Oil which help to make your hair shiny and foster healthy hair growth.

So I guess you’re wondering if it works or not. The Short answer is yes, I definitely noticed a difference in my hair. It felt thicker, smoother and I had growth over a three month period. But Because my hair has been short for so long I don’t know if its any faster or slower than my hair would usually grow.

What I can attest to is that my split ends became healthier and I got less breakage so I feel like it was thicker and less rough on the ends. For me thats a big plus because I don’t want long hair if its unhealthy and brittle. I want long luscious Victoria’s Secret hair (I know its a long way off but you’ve gotta have goals, right?!) and I don’t remember seeing any split ends amongst the angel wings.

The Shampoo I ran out of first because I always double shampoo my hair to get all the styling product out of it. So with two-ish washes per week with a double cleanse I got about two and a half months out of it. I’m pretty happy with that considering how much I use and I did love the peppermint in it. It felt fresh and a little tingly on my scalp so thats a win!

I still have some of the conditioner left after almost 5 months! Winning! Its really nice and I’ll be sad when it is empty, which unfortunately isn’t too far away. It made my hair feel smooth and nourished but it didn’t make it feel heavy or flat which is a huge hate of mine. Another Winner there.

The Elixir Oil I realised about two weeks ago I was using incorrectly but I still loved it. Its meant to be pre-shampoo but I used it to tame frizz when I didn’t want to straighten my curly hair. A few drops on damp hair and it really helped seal those ends. Since using it as a pre-shampoo treatment, which wasn’t long ago I haven’t noticed mega growth but my hair does feel softer after a wash.

The intensive growth spray I haven’t used as much because I didn’t want to heat style my hair again if it was already done. So I have only used that after a wash, pre-blowdry along with a heat protection spray from Toni and Guy. It smells nice and isn’t heavy at all. But I don’t think I am really in a position to judge this one as I haven’t followed the directions.

Now onto my favourite! The Growth Miracle Mask. This ran out today! I am definitely re-ordering this product. I pop it on towel dried hair after a wash and leave it on while I marinate in fake tan which is about two hours. It says just 15 minutes but I’m sure eight times that isn’t going to hurt, surely? Then I rinse it out, no need to wash it out after and my hair feels soon so soo good. Its smooth, frizz free and nourished, has a really good bounce and my curls are all in tact. And it smells great so thats a big bonus. I do this weekly and it has lasted me around 4 months of using it religiously. In saying that someone with longer hair would be likely to go through it faster but with my length it lasted me that long.

All in all I really loved the Bondi Boost hair growth range, and I will be a customer again without a doubt. Also, as a side note my pixie is now long enough to have extensions! Yay! Funky little bob era begins! Victoria’s Secret, You’re next.

Bondi Boost is Cruelty free, Vegan, Paraben and Sulphate free and made here in Australia. In no way was I paid or gifted products to promote, these are my honest thoughts and experiences.

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