Foundation brushes for different foundation types

Aside from lots of confusing shapes, fibres and even colours there are actual reasons for the varying types of foundation brushes. And it would make sense that different brushes do different things, Right? So what do they all do?


Traditional Paddle Shaped Brush 

This is the brush you tend to get in the basic brush sets. Its usually a synthetic or silk blend of hairs which are effectively a face sized paint brush. This brush is best for Liquid foundations as it spreads it further without buffing or moving the foundation around too much.
To build coverage or eliminate streaking use this brush to pat in the liquid foundation and layer it up to make it thicker and fuller. By Patting rather than painting it on you also minimise the appearance of pores and light skin texture as you are pushing it into the skin and not skimming over bumps.

My favourite is Zoeva Rose Golden Face Curve Brush
Available at Sephora for $32.

Flat Topped Round Brush

These brushes have gained popularity since YouTube has become a source of info and inspiration. Brands like Sigma, Morphe, and Real Techniques all with their own versions to master the buffed and airbrushed look seen on our computer screens. This type of brush is usually round at the base and fans out like a blush brush would but the top is flat. The shorter the hairs in the brush, the more dense and firm the brush will be.

For liquid foundations opt for a longer bristle as its softer and won’t thin it out too much.
For mouse or cream foundations its best to choose a medium length.
For stick or pan foundations you’ll need a short bristle length to be able to move the solid style foundations around on your skin.

My favourite is the Morphe MB6 Buffer brush.
Available from Morphe online for $12.

Synthetic style domed brush

These brushes look like a blush brush but are made of smoother synthetic bristles which glide over the skin and apply wet products. Blush brushes are usually a little rough which help to pick up powder so they are not going to apply wet products as well as a smoother bristle. Smaller domed brushes are great for smaller areas like around the eyes, nose and mouth, also for concealing and contouring.

My favourite is the Designer Makeup Tools Flat Bronzer Vegan Brush
Available via the Designer Makeup Tools Website for $15.70

Stippling or Duo Fibre Brush

These are brushes that usually I would not use too often as they are best for powder foundations. The top layer of bristles are to apply the powder and the bottom layer help to buff it into the skin.

If you’re looking for a brush like these its best to get one with a mix of fibres. The longer synthetic bristles are going to apply 100% of the makeup you pick up, so it helps build coverage faster. The shorter natural bristles will buff and work it into your skin and help you blend it all together.

My favourite is the Sigma Beauty F80 Air flat kabuki brush
Available at Sephora for $36.


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