Tried and Tested: The Quick Flick

This week I tried out a fun new beauty invention from a young entrepreneur in Perth called the Quick Flick. This home grown beauty hack is essentially a stamp in the shape of a winged eyeliner to help you have a perfect flick, and in the fastest way possible. At first, I was apprehensive as there are so many different eye shapes and style of liner that I didn’t think it would work for the masses but after seeing it on Shark Tank (who else loves that show?!) I thought I’d give it a go. And now on the Beauty Blog I have my thoughts and tips on how to get the most out of this product.


Cruelty free beauty blog review - The quick flick eyeliner


The Low Down:

This is a two part eyeliner process. First stamp on your wing at the corner of your eye, then flip the pen over and complete your eyeliner across your eyelid with the traditional shaped eyeliner tip. There is a left and a right side so each kit comes with two separate pens.

It arrived in the knick of time and in beautiful pink and gold packaging which was right up my alley. The colour I tried is black, but there is also a brown colour option too which is perfect for anyone wanting to tone it down a touch but still have definition around the eyes.

I immediately pulled it out and gave it a go and tried it out again over the span of a few days before I worked out my best combo to make it last all day.

How to:

The packaging is pretty fool proof. It has a left and right side clearly marked so you end up with wings going the right way. The winged stamp is like a little slanted triangle, the top has a slight curve to help lift your eye. By lining up the bottom side of the wide end with your outer eye, right in the corner you can get a very quick and easy flick without any issues whats ever.

Where it gets tricky is, if your like a friend of mine (you know who you are!), who is a little blind, and sent me snapchats of the flick on her eye lid. Make sure the wing sits right next to your eyelid rather than on it, it works way better! Think of a birds wings… They are next to the body, not on top of it.

Then when your happy with your wings just draw on your top liner with the other end of the eyeliner pen. Simple as that.

I have found it works best on a primed eyelid rather than bare skin or dewy foundation. Matte foundation and eyeshadow worked really well too and helped it last all day.

The details:

Available for order from their website for $34.99

Sizes are 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. I used the 10mm and found it was perfect for me.

Would I recommend this product?

Most definitely. I usually would do a winged eyeliner most days and even though you get faster over time and you get really good at it, this one little product ensures it perfect every single day. And it doesn’t break down with any oil in my eye lids or rub off onto my eyelid.


Do you struggle with eyeliner? I know I did for a long time!

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