The Low-down on Beauty Blenders

These pretty little sponges burst onto the beauty scene a few years ago and despite their huge success and so many makeup artists and makeup lovers using them daily, most of them are still not being used to their full potential. If you want your beauty blender to work for you, read on. There is so much you can do with them. The right beauty blender really can make your morning makeup application so quick and easy which means more time to sleep in! Depending on your products and what you want to achieve by using a beauty blender will decide what sponge is best for you.


The traditional triangle makeup sponge:
These sponges were the first makeup sponges and were designed to be disposable. They were used by makeup artists for hygiene purposes and it trickled through to the general public as an easy application tool. They are usually made of a foam containing latex which can make your makeup streaky or they might not last very long (because they aren’t made to last for any more than one use). While they will get the job done, the shape of the sponge and sharp edges means you often have to over blend your foundation to get rid of the marks it leaves on your skin. Over time, repurchasing these sponges adds up to be a lot of money, but for a single use item they are definitely an easy option.


The Pear Shaped Beauty Sponges:
These sponges became the first in the new generation of makeup sponge applicator and are designed to use for your whole face. The rounded bottom is perfect for applying foundation in larger areas and the tapered point on the top is helpful around the fiddly areas like corners of your nose, under your eyes etc. They are best used damp so your liquid products aren’t absorbed deep into the sponge.

My Fave: Kmart OXX Beauty Blender $3.00


Tear Drop Beauty Blender:
This is probably one of my favourite beauty blender shapes and a favourite among makeup artists, beauty editors and general makeup addicts. The rounded base has no harsh edges or indents and the pointed tip is great for under eyes and in areas you want to be a little more precise. Again using it wet will help application of your wet and cream products, it also helps to smooth out the makeup and build in hydration (which is never a bad thing!) I will often wash my beauty blender at night and squeeze out excess water. By morning its plump and damp but not dripping which is the perfect way to start your makeup.

My fave: ModelROCK Base Maker: $16.95


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge:
This is another favourite of mine. It does everything the tear drop shaped beauty blender does but it also has a slanted side which is perfect if you are wanting to really build up coverage or contour with the sponge as it covers a larger area faster than a brush. The latex free sponge provides a seamless blend with any liquid or cream product.

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Liv’s Tip: How much coverage you get with your beauty blender will depend on how wet they are. The just damp sponges will give you a medium to full buildable coverage, a very wet sponge will sheer out your makeup giving you a natural dewy finish.


How to use a beauty blender:

Now you know a bit about the different shaped beauty blenders, you’ll be able to choose one that fits your needs the best. But there are a few ways you can use them to apply your products to help you get the perfect finish.

Wipe to spread:
For this technique its best to have your sponge quite damp, just before it gets too full of water that it drips. The water will help it glide over your skin and thin out the makeup to give you a natural finish.

Dab to Build:
To build up your coverage or to spread product without thinning it out, its best to use your beauty blender damp and spritz with a setting spray before touching it to your makeup. This way the setting spray it in your foundation as well as on top. Press the sponge into your skin repetitively to keep the consistency while only just moving the makeup around. You can also do this to blend your contour. Just make sure you only press the sponge to the area you want your contour to be.

Dry sponge for Setting Powder or ‘Baking’:
If you like a heavily powdered look or would like to be very precise with your powder placement you can use a dry beauty blender to apply a loose powder and brush off the excess with a soft blush brush. I would recommend using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge if you want to do this as the flat side is perfect to dip into your powder and press into the skin.


Have you got a beauty blender thats in need of a deep clean? Try the Daiso Beauty Songe and Brush Cleaner. Its my absolute go-to for all my sponges and powder puffs.

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