When does makeup expire?

Just like food, makeup has an expiry date and can only perform well for so long before its time to say goodbye. Unfortunately there are so many products that just sit in our makeup bags well after they should have gone to beauty heaven. One day when you’re desperate, you pick it up and realise when you go to use it that this once whiz-bang makeup must have is not working the way it used to. Aside from this it can also be dangerous to use expired makeup as it can change its chemical balances and cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, swelling, rash and break outs.

makeup expiry guide

But how do you know when a makeup product has expired?

There are a few things you can physically see or smell that can help

  • Foundation might change in texture or look gluggy.
  • The scent of liquid or cream products change
  • The colour changes, often becoming more yellow or orange
  • Powder products like face powder or blush gets a oily looking patch on top
  • Mascara becomes dry or clumpy
  • Lipstick becomes too dry or too oily
  • Lipgloss gets a thicker texture

If you notice any of these signs its time to ditch the makeup and replace it. Over time makeup has more and more exposure to light and air which can speed up this process so be sure to store your makeup away from natural light in draws or cupboards to help slow it down.


How do I know how long my makeup lasts before it goes bad?

There is one other things that can help you keep track before it goes off. There is a small symbol on every makeup product that can tell you how long the manufacturer recommend its use once opened. Look for the PAO Symbol, or Period After Opening.

How to tell if your makeup has expired. Period after opening symbol

Usually you’ll see this little symbol on the back of the packaging near either the barcode, under the ingredients list or somewhere near the company info. The number stands for the amount of months the product is good for once opened. The letter ‘M’ stands for Months. For example the symbol above would be 6 months.

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