How to clean your makeup brushes

There is nothing quite as beautiful to a makeup lover as a brand spanking new set of clean makeup brushes. It’s almost as if these little magic wands are here to give us endless possibilities and will of course solve all our life problems along the way.

But then you use them. They get dirty. The shine is replaced with makeup gunk and foundation finger prints. Now they don’t seem so magical anymore.

Rather than throwing them away or replacing them with fancy new brushes, or giving up on them and just using your fingers or a sponge, follow my cleaning tips and your brushes will be sparkling again in no time.


My go to cleaning products for my brushes are:

  • Sukin Natural Balance Shampoo ….. $14.95
    No nasties, no animal testing and No silicone. The silicone in normal shampoos and conditioners will coat the bristles of the brushes and as it build up it stops the brush performing as well as it should. Also no conditioner. Your brushes will get plenty of moisture from your makeup products.
  • Daisy Beauty Sponge Cleaner ….. $3.00 from Daiso or $8+ on eBay and Amazon
    This is my awesome little beauty blender cleanser and stain remover for all my makeup brushes. Unfortunately the Daiso store doesn’t have a website so the prices are about 3 or four times over if you buy it from amazon or eBay. If you don’t have a daisy near by, or a friend who can get you some, its worth stocking up on your next trip to the city.

How to clean your makeup brushes

As a makeup artist my brushes are cleaned between each client to ensure hygiene and the best work from my brushes. But as a makeup user, I find cleaning my liquid brushes once a week and my powder brushes once a month to be more than enough as long as I am the only one using them.

I know it can be a hassle and usually you only think of cleaning them right when you’re about to use them and that time it’s too late. My solution to this to clean them straight after doing your makeup which will usually give you 24 hours until you have to use them again and by that time they will be dry and ready to go.

Do you have any tips to clean your brushes? Or have you found a miracle product to help you clean them without hassle?

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