Makeup questions you’ve been to embarrassed to ask

We have all been there, that awkward moment when your friends are talking about something and you just nod along and hope to pick up the conversation along the way some how, or maybe you’re neighbour called you Rebecca for 7 years even though your name is Liv but it got too embarrassing to say anything so you just let it go (Yes, this happened to me). The point is there are things that are so basic but you let them go because you’re too embarrassed to say anything and now here we are, trolling through the internet hoping for salvation.

This happens all the time in makeup, things that we assume we are just doing wrong but don’t pull out our lady balls to face up and ask.

So today is the day. Rip off the bandaid and lets get to work.


“Why does my eyeliner always crease and smudge?”

Answer: This is a really common thing and its part you and part the products you’re using.
You know those makeup removers that are part oil and part water that you shake to mix them together? Well the oil in that remover is what lifts your makeup off. Our eyelids are the oilier part of our whole body as it acts like a lubricant as you open and close your eyes so the oil rubs from your eyelid to your eyeliner and start the removal process for you. Couple this with eyeliner pencil that contains wax, the heat in your skin melts the liner and the oil lifts it out of place creating smudges.

How to fix it: The trick is to make your eyelid less oily or prone to oil. I like to use an eye primer on my lid from lash line to brow in a neutral colour like nude or even a clear base and powder with your chosen shadow colour or face powder to set it. Try Urban Decay Primer Potion and IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Translucent Powder.


“Why can’t I cover my Pimple?!”

Answer: Redness and a bump don’t make for an easy makeup especially if its in an oily area. Your best to put on your foundation first and avoid the spot until you’re finished with that step. Then use a thicker or drier concealer like Kevyn Aucoin Super Natural Skin Enhancer (which is a seriously good investment if you suffer from spots) apply with a beauty blender to dab the concealer into the skin and move in a circle around the spot to help diffuse the edge. What ever you do, don’t rub.
To set the concealer use a fluffy eye shadow brush and a liberal amount of face powder and repeat the same dabbing until all concealer is covered. Brush off excess powder and you’re set for 12 hours.


“What the hell is contouring?”

Answer: The short answer is several layers of foundation, concealer, powder and highlighter to make everyone look more like a Kardashian. The real answer is placing darker shades to help chisel and shape the face shape to accentuate or adjust your bone structure.

Every face shape has its own rules for contouring and highlighting but the best thing to do is look at what you love, highlight that first then if you feel the need to contour use a powder or cream only one or two shades darker to lightly hollow out those areas. My rule for contouring is to blend. And when you think you’ve finished blending, blend some more. No one wants to look like an extra from Lion King when they should be feeling special.


“Are primer and moisturiser the same thing?”

Answer: No.

I’m sorry to say that they do drastically different things. Moisturiser soaks through the layers of your skin to moisturise and penetrate deeply. A primer is designed to seal in that moisture and stop it messing with your makeup while also helping with texture.

If you want to know more about what primer is right for you, see this post.


“What is Banana Powder?”

Answer: Banana powder is a yellow tinted powder used to brighten the skin. It started out as an alternative to translucent powder in darker skin tones as the white powder would turn grey. But the Yellow did’t.

Its been picked up by caucasian YouTubers as a means to brighten under eyes and highlight areas of the face they want to accentuate. I would be wary if you are lighter in skin tone than say, J-Lo. Yellow can be strong and if applied incorrectly you could be an extra in the new minions movie.


Do you have more questions to add?

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Liv Slee

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