Five things to improve your makeup without any new skills or money!

There are few things that can make a huge difference to your makeup without having to learn a single thing. But believe it or not these things can make or break your beauty routine. Setting yourself up with these 5 things will no doubt create more flawless, long lasting, perfect makeup looks


1. Lighting

Have you ever popped into your closest makeup counter and matched a foundation thinking your look absolutely flawless to only walk into natural light and resemble a sweet potato? Thought so…

The reason for this is simple: Lighting

Now you might wonder how on earth you can make changes in your lighting when you bathroom, bedroom or makeup desk is set in dim light, yellow light or next to no natural light? You can do one of two things. Either move your makeup stash to a spot in front of a window or you can use reflection.

If light is coming in from the left, leaving your right side in shadow, place a mirror to your right to help reflect the light. Or if you have harsh overhead light, use white paper, a towel or even a white shirt under your makeup stash to give a soft reflection.


2. Clean your makeup brushes

This one is a given, a painter with dirty brushes can’t paint a wall properly so why would it be any different to your makeup brushes? Given them a thorough cleaning and leave them out to dry. You’d be surprised how much better your makeup will look and last without old oil and dirt in your brushes.

Want to know how to clean your brushes? Click here for a tutorial


3. Check your expiry dates

As your makeup ages it can really effect the way it works. Things such as air, sunlight, heat and time can completely ruin your makeup stash. There are lots of ways to prevent this happening but its best to go through your makeup and ditch the old expired products and focus on the makeup that’s still good.

You can tell if your makeup has gone off with this checklist


4. Check your colours

It’s a pretty standard thing that your skin changes from summer to winter and sporting a tan face on a pale body is every makeup lover’s worst nightmare but what about checking your colours for your hair and eye colour as well?

If you have made the leap from black to blonde you’ll need to adjust your makeup stash accordingly. Eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, even the tones of your powders and lipstick might not go too well with your new do.

Not sure about what to pick for your eye colour? Take a look here.


5. Keep it simple

My biggest piece of advice for any makeup lover is to keep it simple. Do one thing well and it will look 100 times better than a YouTube tutorial explosion done poorly.
Amazing skin, natural brows and a touch of mascara can be that understated glam you’ve longed for. Think Meagan Markle, Gisele Bunchen, Nicole Kidman. All gorgeous, elegant women, all understated simplistic makeup done well.


See? 5 things, no skill required! And just like that your makeup game is better without a single lesson, tip or new product. Pretty neat ha?


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