Easy Peasy Eye Makeup Tutorial

This is one of my go to looks when I only have a moment to do my makeup or to make over a client in a very quick appointment. Perfect for day or night, change the colours to suit what you love or follow it as is.


Eye Shape:

My gorgeous friend Amanda sat down for this tutorial and she has the most beautiful big blue eyes. Her eye-shape is almond/protruding but you can use this look for any eye-shape except deep-set where you would for-go the taupe shades on the eyelid, just use the lighter tones all over the lid and no highlight on the brow bone.


The Goods:

The eyeshadow palette I used on this look was from Too Faced Cosmetics, Natural Eyes – Neutral Collection. It is really great for basic makeups and for beginners as the colour are versatile and they are easy to blend with brushes and even with your fingers! Bonus! For me this is a must have palette for people with fair skin up to a medium to tan skin tone. After the Tan mark the shades may appear too cool and your best to switch to a warmer palette with more golds, coppers and bronzes.

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The Tools:

I used a few different brands of brushes in this makeover. I am a huge lover of the Rae Morris Makeup Brushes but I also wanted to show you some great budget friendly brushes too so its a bit of a mix in this video.

Designer Makeup tools is an Australian business based out of Queensland who make some fantastic brushes for a very reasonable cost. If your Bargain spotting skills rival Elle Woods on Boxing day, its worth popping over to their site. Or take a look at my Designer makeup tools must haves here.


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. It’s definitely a winner when you’re on a time crunch.

Ask any questions you have and I’ll get back to you in a pinch

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